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Three Myths about Senior Portraits

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High school yearbook photos are such a big deal for every senior. But those standard headshots that the school organizes are just not so cool any more.

Senior portraits — produced through special, high-end custom photography — are now becoming wildly popular, as an article in The Washington Post explains. High school seniors are breaking out of the old, boring, posed-against a-backdrop mold of yearbook photos to have their lifestyles, interests, and memories captured in creative new ways. And thanks to technology and growing demand, custom photography for senior portraits is becoming affordable and painless.

Professional custom photos are much more fun to exchange with friends at the end of the senior year. They stand out from the mass of selfies on Instagram and Facebook. And they make for awesome family memoirs as young people leave home for college.


My Senior Portrait Gallery

I always encourage seniors who come to me to tell me about their favorite places, what they enjoy doing, their interests, etc. And then I work with them and their families to plan the photo shoot to showcase their lives and the essence of who they are. Sports, dance, music, pets, hobbies…we bring it all together to tell your story in the most compelling format.

Now, there are three myths about senior portraits I’d like to correct.

  1. They’re expensive

  2. But I’m not a model

  3. I can do them myself

Expensive? Well, custom senior portraits don’t come at the price of school yearbook photos. But they are affordable. At Jeff Dayak Photography, we have great packages starting at $495 and we’ll work with your budget. Our goal is to make senior portraits accessible to everyone that wants to take the creative route. And ask us about our “senior ambassador” program, where you can recruit friends for portraits and earn free prints, albums, digital packages for yourself, as well as cash prizes and even an iPad mini.

Only for models? Senior portraits are not about preening and posing. They’re all about bringing out the best in you. Sure — makeup, clothes, and poses matter but you don’t need runway experience. We’ll give you tips and get you comfortable. Jeff Dayak Photography makes the experience as fun and fabulous as the end product.

DIY? Well, we know seniors are creative. Smartphones are amazing. Photoshop is easy. Online templates let you create photo books. And oh yes, the school does do those free yearbook photos. BUT, it’s like asking a friend who’s never handled a camera to do your wedding pictures or going to a studio to have your portrait done. You’ll likely get a couple of great shots but something is going to be missing. It won’t be all it can be with a professional custom shoot. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and worth the extra investment to capture the best of you.

So remember, senior portraits are affordable, they’re awesome, and they’re uber cool. And they make yearbooks look like dinosaurs.

As you head back to school, it’s time to start planning your shoot so you’ll have the pictures in time to share with friends. There’s a lot going on in your senior year so get the senior portraits on your schedule now.

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